| July 13, 2023

By Leonard Green in the East End Beacon Think about how our island has changed. In my 70-plus years, there’s been a complete transformation. I remember the first “garden apartments” built in my hometown, constructed ... Read More

Easthampton Star | May 18, 2023

“Our yards are healthy when native plants provide food and shelter for local pollinators to create pollination, which is essential to having a functioning food chain and ultimately being able to survive this crisis,” Mr. ... Read More

East Hampton Star | November 3, 2022

Abby Clough Lawless of Farm Landscape Design and Stephan Van Dam of ChangeHampton detailed the community pollinator garden that will be created at East Hampton Town Hall. Read More

East Hampton Star | October 27, 2022

ChangeHampton’s Gail Pellett “Guest Words” in the East Hampton Star, Oct, 27, 2022: Hope vs. Despair. Read More

East Hampton Star | July 14, 2022

Last week ChangeHampton’s Gail Pellett, Stephan Van Dam and Leonard Green made a presentation to the East Hampton Town’s Trustees proposing a major educational campaign about how our landscaping practices affect the water in our ... Read More