Ilex glabra

Compact Inkberry, Ilex Glabra is a highly ornamental, evergreen shrub native to the North East in the holly family which delivers on spring bloom, and summer, fall and winter fruit.  A wonderful alternative to boxwood with small white flowers and a dark deep purple — almost black fruit — it supports your local habitat and doesn’t burn during the winter. 

Inkberry performs well in the garden as a foundation plant, back of border shrub and is an excellent evergreen in seasonally wet spots. As with all Ilex, plant at least one male among females for fruit.

All Ilex species may be somewhat toxic if ingested. Sensitivity to a toxin varies with a person’s age, weight, physical condition, and individual susceptibility. Children are most vulnerable because of their curiosity and small size.






SPECS: Genus: Ilex; Species: Glabra; Plant Type: Shrub; Life Cycle: Perennial; Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade; Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium Wet, Mesic (middle), Dry; Height: 5′ — 8′; Spread: 4′; Plant Spacing: 5′ — 8′; Bloom Time: June — September; Bloom Color: Green, Violet, White; Advantages: Pollinator conservation, Pollinators, Privacy screen; USDA Zone: 5 — 9; Attracts: Bumblebees, Honey bees, Songbirds, Sweat bees; Tolerant: Deer, Drought, Rabbits, Salt; Plant Community: The gentle, rounded outline compliments Juniperus virginiana, Rhus typhina, Cornus sericea, Ilex verticillata, Fothergilla gardenii and Hibiscus moscheutos;