Hordeum jubatum

Foxtail Barley, Hordeum jubatum is a showy short-lived native perennial cool season bunch grass that belongs to the grass tribe Triticeae.  It has a shallow root system and reproduces by seeds and tillering. This plant ranges in height from one to three feet tall at maturity. It is highly palatable to cattle, mule deer, and elk, and moderately palatable to sheep. It needs protection.




SPECS: Genus: Hordeum; Species: jubatum; Life Cycle: Perennial; Sun Exposure: Full Sun; Soil Moisture: Mesic (middle), Dry; Height: 1′ — 3′; Spread: 2′; Plant Spacing: 1′; Bloom Time: June — August; Bloom Color: Green, White; Advantages: Grassland restoration, Low maintenance; USDA Zone: 3 — 8; Attracts: Grasshoppers, Moths; Tolerant: Drought, Erosion, Salt; Plant Community: Companian plants include bentgrass (Agrostis spp.), inland saltgrass (Distichlis spicata), alkali sacaton (Sporobolus airoides), Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis), basin wildrye (Leymus cinereus), tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum), horsetail (Equisetum spp.);