Filipendula ulmaria

Meadowsweet, Filipendula ulmaria is not native to the Long Island, but is a food plant for the larvae of several moth species including the emperor moth, grey pug, Hebrew character, lime-speck pug, mottled beauty, and the satellite. Many species of insects are attracted to the flowers.

It will grow in fertile soils as long as the soil remains moist during summer. It has painkilling properties thanks to compounds similar to aspirin, is edible and can be used as flavoring in a similar way to elderflower.


SPECS: Genus: Filipendula ; Species: Ulmaria; Plant Type: Wildflower; Life Cycle: Perennial; Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade; Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium Wet, Mesic (middle), Well Drained; Height: 3′ — 4′; Spread: 1′; Plant Spacing: 1′ — 2′; Bloom Time: June — September; Bloom Color: White, Yellow; Advantages: Fragrant, Low maintenance, Medicinal uses, Nitrogen fixer, Pollinators; USDA Zone: 3 — 7; Attracts: Beneficial insects, Butterflies, Carpenter bees, Small black bees, Songbirds; Plant Community: Looks particularly attractive when grown along side Ragged Robin and Purple Loosestrife. Meadowsweet favors wet habitats, such as ditches, damp meadows and riverbanks.;