Helianthus angustifolius

Swamp Sunflower, Helianthus angustifolius  is a showy, erect wildflower in the Sunflower family. This plant injects spectacular late fall color into a wildlife garden or meadow. Plants are used as butterfly nectar plants, butterfly host plants or as part of a Grouping or Mass Planting.  Its showy blooms are a stunning accent for cottage gardens, deer resistant plantings, rain gardens, water-wise landscapes, low maintenance plantings, perennial borders and roadsides. A must have in your pollinator garden.

Young stems and leaves are high in protein and are browsed by deer while seeds are consumed by quail and dove in winter.  Medicinal uses: A tea made from the leaves is astringent, diuretic and expectorant, it is used in the treatment of high fevers. The crushed leaves are used as a poultice on sores, swellings, snakebites and spider bites. The leaves are harvested as the plant comes into flower and are dried for later use.


SPECS: Genus: Helianthus ; Species: Angustifolius; Plant Type: Forb, Wildflower; Life Cycle: Perennial; Sun Exposure: Full Sun; Soil Moisture: Wet, Medium Wet, Well Drained; Height: 5′ — 8′; Spread: 5′; Plant Spacing: 3′ — 4′; Bloom Time: August — November; Bloom Color: Orange, Red, White, Yellow; Advantages: Medicinal uses, Perfect for rain garden, Pollinators, Privacy screen, Showy; USDA Zone: 5 — 9; Attracts: Beneficial insects, Bumblebees, Songbirds, Sweat bees; Tolerant: Clay, Deer, Drought, Wet soils; Plant Community: Goes well with Swamp Milkweed, Little Bluestem, Aromatic Aster, Switchgrass, New York Ironweed a& Wild Bergamot;