Leucothoe Eubotrys racemosa

Swamp Sweet Bells, Leucothoe “Eubotrys” racemosa is a broadleaf deciduous shrub in the Azalea family (Ericaceae) also knowns as Swamp Sweet bells, Swamp Doghobble, Sweetbells Leucothoe, Sweetbells, Deciduous Swamp Fetterbush, Coastal Fetterbush & Swamp Leucothoe. It is an excellent choice for hedges and borders.

It prefers a moist, cool, acidic soil. It can be grown in full sun, but must have good moisture. Does not tolerate drought or windy conditions. Although winter hardy to Zone 5, this shrub should be planted in a protected location and given a good winter mulch in cooler areas.  Can be evergreen in warmer zones.

Poisonous: Leaves and nectar from flowers are poisonous; if ingested may cause salivation and nasal discharge, sweating, tingling sensation, headache, depression, weakness, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis. Toxic principle is andromedotoxin.

SPECS: Genus: Leucothoe "Eubotrys"; Species: Racemosa; Plant Type: Shrub; Life Cycle: Perennial; Sun Exposure: Part Shade; Soil Moisture: Medium Dry, Well Drained; Height: 9′ — 12′; Spread: 5′; Plant Spacing: 3′ — 5′; Bloom Time: March — September; Bloom Color: Orange, Pink, White, Yellow; Advantages: Low maintenance, Privacy screen, Showy; USDA Zone: 5 — 9; Attracts: Butterflies, Songbirds; Tolerant: Drought, Erosion, Wet soils;