October 5th, 2023 To: Peter Van Scoyoc, East Hampton Town Supervisor East Hampton BoardFrom: ChangeHampton, PO Box 4227, EH, NY 11937; info@changehampton.org Re: Submission by the Working Group of “Purposes of the Zoning Code” to ... Read More

WHAT IS A NATIVE PLANT AND WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS  A native plant is a plant that would have been growing on Long Island naturally before the arrival of European settlement.  Native plants have co-evolved ... Read More

ChangeHampton is launching a new project which aims to bring 1,000 healthy yards to the East End of Long Island.  Inspired by a sister project in Bellport, LI we inaugurated this new initiative with a ... Read More

STATE OF THE GARDEN, AUGUST 15, 2023 Entrance to Town Hall all photos by Laurie Petroske THE HISTORY OF DESIGNING THE GARDEN:First, our garden designer, Abby Clough Lawless, of Farm Design Landscaping, came up with ... Read More

ChangeHampton is joining the Pollinator Pathway movement.Dozens of communities across the country have established ambitious Pollinator Pathway action plans. What is a Pollinator Pathway?Corridors linking fragmented, ruined habitat into a restored chain of pollinator-friendly land ... Read More

Photo by Stephan Van Dam Without clean water there is no life, no economy, no future.  Water, like the air we breathe, is essential to our existence.  Yet, increasingly we are experiencing droughts, water shortages ... Read More