Town Hall Pollinator Garden

ChangeHampton asked Abby Clough Lawless to design a community pollinator garden that meets the following challenges: 70% native plants, deer resistant, pollinator friendly, low maintenance, hardy long–life span and non-invasive.

Her solution more than meets the challenges set and literally creates a new North Town Hall Campus by horizontally connecting the various parts of Town Government with a public square at its center perfect for educational community gatherings, games of chess and alfresco staff lunches.  Our proposed garden is about 3,000 sq ft.

At the entrance we retain the lawn directly in front of the meeting hall— due to the planned construction of an ADA compliant access to the town meeting hall.

The combination of lawn and pollinator garden is meant to inspire residents and to visualize this as their own garden of the future where the lawn has some aesthetic value but pollination is the main event.

The plant list includes mints & grasses which are designed to deter the resident deer herd without the need for deer fencing.  The pant list is available here:

Town Hall Plant List