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ChangeHampton is a community organization to promote restorative, bio-diverse, healthy & sustainable landscaping practices and expand the Pollinator Pathways Movement on Eastern Long Island.

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Making a difference about climate change, species collapse and saving our food chain starts in your own yard.  The health of our watersheds below is a function of your actions in your yard above.


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News | March 30, 2024

Restorative Landscaping means planning and creating with eco-services in mind.  This is where keystone trees, shrubs and plants take center stage:  they host the most caterpillars from moths and butterflies. All those caterpillars support the ... Read More

News | February 20, 2024

Our New Movement: A Revolution in Thinking and Language We love the podcasts, A Way to Garden.Com and New York Times' articles of Margaret Roach. In a recent podcast she interviewed naturalist and nature writer, ... Read More

News | February 9, 2024

The Washington Post used this catchy video & provocative question this week to provoke us to use our imaginations to address the challenges we face…and that's exactly how we feel at ChangeHampton! WHY NOT change ... Read More

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Media & Press | July 13, 2023

By Leonard Green in the East End Beacon Think about how our island has changed. In my 70-plus years, there’s been a complete transformation. I remember the first “garden apartments” built in my hometown, constructed ... Read More

Easthampton Star | May 18, 2023

“Our yards are healthy when native plants provide food and shelter for local pollinators to create pollination, which is essential to having a functioning food chain and ultimately being able to survive this crisis,” Mr. ... Read More

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